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sometimes I think I’m cute.. 🙈 #dreadlocs
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White people.
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Be with someone that never stops choosing you. They would cross an ocean or even step over a puddle to be with you and don’t make excuses.

Do not let yourself wrap so tightly around their heart that you cannot see that how much they say they love you falls short of how much they show you they love you. They will always show you how they really feel.

Do not ever love someone that treats you like an option. One of two, one of three, no. That will fuck you up.

Do not fall for someone that doesn’t take careful consideration about how their decisions will effect you. You shouldn’t have to protect yourself from the person you love.

It should only be you. You should be the one they want, no questions asked. It should always be you. You. You. You. Never compete for them, it will only ravage your last shred of trust you had for them as well as future relationships and scar your heart beyond healing.

This is not a fucking luxury. Being the first and only choice is not a magnificent grandeur. It’s not too much to fucking ask not to be a romantic safety net. Fuck anyone that says otherwise

" - Reasons why you weren’t the love of my life (via youwillunderstand)

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dreadlocs 😝👑👌 #locs
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Black person on Tumblr: "Im finna go apply to this job" Random user: "Well maybe if you knew how to speak properly you'd already have a job" Black person: Language is merely a medium in which we communicate in and as such must be fluid in order to remain effective. I use such grammar because it is the easiest for anyone who happens upon my blog to digest and conveys my message in a manner where it cannot be misconstrued. Also, speaking formally in an informal forum gives off an air of superiority and needlessly complicates my message. A key part in oral language is reaching an understanding with your audience so as to keep them engaged and distraction free; imagine if I were to give a speech to 1st graders the way a doctor would speak to a med student, the audience would be bewildered by all the terms and would focus on their lack of understanding the words vs what's being said. In conclusion, this my blog and imma blog how I want Random User: *deletes post, deletes blog, deletes SSN, cancels cards, starts new identity

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I think I’ll just leave this here.
I’m not saying Mike Brown was a thug. I can’t prove that.
I am saying he dressed and behaved like one. I can prove that.

No goodbye~Tae

I hate whites.

That’s a damn gesture lots of black boys and men use. Good bye. You mfs are so racist.

this would mean that I’m a Vice Lords as well. 

You and all my cousins.

grimecitychiefs is a Vice Lord then too.

I guess I’m one too then, smh

so going by your logic these people are thugs too right ? i want you to answer its not a rhetorical question

Also, can we trace back the history of why gangs came about in the first place? To regain black and/or Latino power and overthrow white supremacy. That’s why they’re really mad.


Man, this OP gotta GTFO

Remember when Obama and Michelle gave dap and they called it a “terrorist fist jab”?  White folks are forever projecting their bizarro world delusions on Black folks every day non stop.

Yes to this entire thread. I’m so over casual ironic racism. I see you “Thug Kitchen”…

I don’t think this dude that posted this original post knows what satire actually is

More reason to be fucking pissed
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Words of Emotion
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